The contact details of the body established for the performance of general police tasks (hereinafter: the Police) are set out in Act CCXXII of 2015 on the general rules of electronic administration and trust services. The following shall apply to the cooperating bodies specified in Section 51 (1) of the Act (hereinafter: Eüsztv.).


    Selecting from the KÉR address body

    The bodies included in the KÉR address body - both the bodies involved in the receiving system of the unified government case management system and the bodies registered by mutual agreement - can directly select and address the central, regional and local bodies of the Police based on the contact details in the table. When sending a REQUEST, documents in regular KRX format must be submitted.


    By addressing the office storage directly

    For the cooperating bodies that cannot manage the KÉR address body, the office of the Police is available at the following address.

    Short name of office


    Full name of office

    Országos Rendőr-főkapitányság




    451/2016 on the detailed rules of electronic administration, both in the case of direct addressing and in the case of selection from the KÉR address body, (XII. 19.) All the document formats listed in Annex 1 of the Government Decree (hereinafter: Vhr.) May be submitted.

    If the file to be submitted does not contain the information necessary for identification (eg submission of a photo or video material), please enter the data required for admission and registration in a cover letter, which we ask you to submit the files as an attachment, preferably in one unit.

    Published on the Személyre Szabott Ügyintézési Felület, the additional police office repositories available in the list of organizations with an office gate (KHSZ1, KHSZ2) are used to perform special tasks, so there is no possibility to receive documents on them.


    Available on the Police Administration Portal by submitting an inNOVA form

    The cases that can be handled electronically within the competence and competence of the Police are available at, on the Administration Portal of the Police.

    It may usually be necessary to submit the inNOVA form from the office gate if the cooperating body acts as a client of the Police in the particular proceedings.

    When submitting completed applications on behalf of the organization, the short name of the office gate, which is up to 10 characters long and may contain large letters and numbers, must be entered in the Proxy Management menu.


    Submitting an inNOVA form via a machine interface (NOVA.PACK)

    For the cooperating bodies and organizations with a gateway, the Central Government Service Bus (hereinafter: KKSZB) system enables the submission of Electronic Submissions to clients with machine interfaces via the machine interface using the NOVA.PACK service via the machine interface of the Police Administration Portal.

    In order to use the above service, a data controller certificate issued by the Registrar of the National Police Headquarters is required, for which a request can be submitted in the menu item NOVA.PACK service by submitting a form designed for this purpose.

    Further information on the CCCTB and the accession process is available at


    Other contacts


    The contact details listed in the general publication list of each police body on the website of the Police may be used if it is not necessary for the administration of the case. electronic contact in accordance with.


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